Late Season

Episode 8 – Late Season Strategy and Plans


Late Season Strategy and Plans

With December upon us, most hunters have either filled their tags or hung up the towel. However, late season can still be a great time to have success for those willing to brave the elements. Late season hunting extremes and tactics vary quite a bit based on location, but food and bedding are still the biggest keys.
In this episode, Garrett and Boudreaux discuss in detail how their gear and  clothing system changes once the temperatures drop, as well as additions such as chemical, electrical, or gas-based hand warmers. They discuss strategies to locate and pattern deer in late season. Garrett hunts in a much colder climate than Boudreaux does for whitetail, and generally deals with more snow, colder weather, and agriculture-based food. In the slightly warmer areas, Boudreaux generally keys in on finding natural browse.
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