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Public land secrets and scouting knowledge along with tree stand climbing tricks.


“DIY Sportsman”

The DIY Sportsman site is set up for outdoorsman who don't buy success. Hunters who try their luck on public land and fisherman who study their craft down to a science will feel welcome. Although the site, based originally off of the popular DIY Sportsman Youtube Channel, got its start teaching how to self film and hunt whitetail deer on public land, it's expanded to cover fishing, gear reviews, and DIY tips and modifications to make gear more useful.

Bobby Boswell’s Gear List 2017

Boswell Gear List 2017 (Excel file) Boudreaux Boswell Gear List 2017 The above documents show the complete list of equipment that Boudreaux Boswell of the DIY Sportsman podcast used in 2017. Keep in mind, Boswell currently lives in Utah and is hunting a combination of elk and mule deer, but still comes back to the mid-West […]

gear review

Episode 9 – Ultimate Gear Review 2017

Ultimate Gear Review 2017 In their final podcast of 2017, Garrett and Bobby dive into a full on review of all the new products they tried over the course of the year. Archery equipment is tackled first, from compound and trad bows to arrows, insert systems, and broadheads. Next, the two cover new camping gear […]

Garrett’s Deer Hunting Gear List (Updated to be Current)

Overview Here is my deer hunting gear list (not including clothing, which is covered in a separate gear list post). Often I try new things, so likely on any given day my gear may vary from what is shown below. However, when I find something that is truly an improvement, I will update this list. […]

Late Season

Episode 8 – Late Season Strategy and Plans

Podcast Late Season Strategy and Plans With December upon us, most hunters have either filled their tags or hung up the towel. However, late season can still be a great time to have success for those willing to brave the elements. Late season hunting extremes and tactics vary quite a bit based on location, but […]

apeman trail camera

Apeman Trail Camera Review – H45

Apeman Trail Camera – H45 The Apeman trail camera (H45) is one of the better selling trail cameras on Amazon. It also has a decent average review, especially considering the price of $60 USD. Apeman sent me one of the cameras in addition to their slightly more expensive H68, which I’ll review in another video. […]

styrka review

Styrka S9 Binocular Review 8×42

Styrka S9 8×42 Binoculars Like a lot of Midwest hunters, for most of my life I’ve used binoculars in what I consider the “good” category, ranging generally in the couple hundred dollar range. I’ve also handled my share of what I’d consider “cheap” binoculars, the Walmart or eBay variety that will make you think you […]

Rut timing

Episode 7 – Science of Rut Timing

Science of Rut Timing Every time mid-October rolls around, hunters frantically search for guidance on rut timing. Will it be earlier or later than last year? How will the weather or moon phase affect the rut? How accurate are the predictions in popular magazines? When should I take my rut-cation? With the increasing popularity of […]

firearm hunting strategy

Episode 6 – Firearm Hunting Strategy

Firearm Hunting Strategy In this episode of the DIY Sportsman Podcast, Garrett and Boswell talk about firearms deer hunting. Garrett grew up hunting the annual 9 day season in Wisconsin which occurs after the rut, and recently started participating in the Minnesota gun season, which is timed during the heat of the rut. Boswell doesn’t […]

Gear List – Colorado Elk/Deer 2017 (September)

Downloadable Excel file for your own editing: 2017 Mule Deer/Elk Gear List, September in Colorado 2017 Western Hunting Gear List PDF Version of the Gear List: 2017 Western Hunting Gear List

Scent Control

Episode 5 – Scent Control

Scent Control In this episode of the DIY Sportsman Podcast, Garrett and Boswell discuss scent control… their philosophies, routines, and experiences. Both use a scientific approach to analyzing scent, and understand the challenges with trying to apply laboratory success and marketing claims to real world scenarios with new variables. They discuss the published studies using […]