Late season layering

Late Season Layering System – Extreme Cold

Layering for cold weather can be extremely important. The colder it gets, the more important it is to regulate temperature on the way in to prevent sweating and choose every layer for a specific purpose. In the upper MidWest, it’s been below zero Fahrenheit for most of the past week. I’ve been hunting in the […]

diy lineman's belt

DIY Lineman’s Belt

This is my DIY Lineman’s belt for climbing a tree to hang a tree stand or saddle and climbing sticks. A lineman’s belt of some sort is really a necessity to be able to safely and comfortably hang sticks while you climb a tree. Most lineman’s belts that you can buy from hunting companies, or […]

Apeman H68

Apeman H68 Trail Camera Review

The Apeman trail camera (H68) is one of the higher rated trail cameras on Amazon. It also has a great average review, especially considering the price of $80 USD. Apeman sent me one of the cameras in addition to their slightly less expensive H45, which I’ve reviewed in another video: In summary, there are […]

Ice fishing basics

Episode 11 – Ice Fishing Basics Podcast

Ice Fishing Basics Podcast In this Episode, we discuss ice fishing gear from the perspective of someone with a lot of experience fishing the upper MidWest (Garrett) talking to a total newbie (Boudreaux). Topics covered include electronics, rod styles, augers, safety gear, and shelters. Through plenty of trips with various anglers, Garrett has not only […]

ozone podcast

Episode 10 – The Truth about Ozone

The Truth about Ozone Today’s episode is a special one. We’ve brought on our first guest, Shawn Chadwick, to discuss ozone with. He has a PhD and works as a chemical engineer, so if anyone understands what’s actually going on with ozone scent elimination, it’s him.  In addition, he’s also a hardcore whitetail hunter and […]

Bobby Boswell’s Gear List 2017

Boswell Gear List 2017 (Excel file) Boudreaux Boswell Gear List 2017 The above documents show the complete list of equipment that Boudreaux Boswell of the DIY Sportsman podcast used in 2017. Keep in mind, Boswell currently lives in Utah and is hunting a combination of elk and mule deer, but still comes back to the mid-West […]

gear review

Episode 9 – Ultimate Gear Review 2017

Ultimate Gear Review 2017 In their final podcast of 2017, Garrett and Bobby dive into a full on review of all the new products they tried over the course of the year. Archery equipment is tackled first, from compound and trad bows to arrows, insert systems, and broadheads. Next, the two cover new camping gear […]

Garrett’s Deer Hunting Gear List (Updated to be Current)

Overview Here is my deer hunting gear list (not including clothing, which is covered in a separate gear list post). Often I try new things, so likely on any given day my gear may vary from what is shown below. However, when I find something that is truly an improvement, I will update this list. […]

Late Season

Episode 8 – Late Season Strategy and Plans

Podcast Late Season Strategy and Plans With December upon us, most hunters have either filled their tags or hung up the towel. However, late season can still be a great time to have success for those willing to brave the elements. Late season hunting extremes and tactics vary quite a bit based on location, but […]

styrka review

Styrka S9 Binocular Review 8×42

Styrka S9 8×42 Binoculars Like a lot of Midwest hunters, for most of my life I’ve used binoculars in what I consider the “good” category, ranging generally in the couple hundred dollar range. I’ve also handled my share of what I’d consider “cheap” binoculars, the Walmart or eBay variety that will make you think you […]