Garrett’s Deer Hunting Gear List (Updated to be Current)


Here is my deer hunting gear list (not including clothing, which is covered in a separate gear list post). Often I try new things, so likely on any given day my gear may vary from what is shown below. However, when I find something that is truly an improvement, I will update this list. Some of the links below are direct links to the manufacturer, while others are Amazon links. If you use one of the Amazon links to purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon, which helps me to continue producing content. Don’t feel obligated to use them if you find a better price elsewhere.


In 2017, I’ve been using a New Tribe Kestrel saddle for 100% of my sits, in order to force myself through the learning curve and be able to better educate people on saddle hunting vs. tree stand hunting. That being said, I still believe that tree stands are excellent tools, and each have their own scenarios in which they are the best choice. In addition, I had made a “SitDrag/Rock Harness” system, which I’ve provided a link to. It’s a very viable option for those who want to dip their feet into saddle hunting with minimal investment (especially if they already own a rock harness).

Tree Stand Hunting

Stand – Lone Wolf Assault:

Third Hand Bow holder (attaches to seat):

5/16″ rope to wrap around the front edge of the platform:

Stealth Strips: Stealth Outdoors Link

Saddle Hunting

Aero Hunter Kestrel: Kestrel Link

Kuiu hip belt pouch

Platform: Custom machined post with XOP seat OR Lone Wolf Assassin (neither available commercially)

Link to DIY SitDrag/Rock Harness page: DIY Hunting Saddle

Safety Tether

Samson Predator Rope (same rope that comes with a Kestrel but bought by-the-foot to splice a large loop):

Petzl Vector Rescue Cord for Prusik (alternative to AeroHunter Blake’s Hitch):

Black Diamond Positron Locking Carabiner:

Lineman’s Belt

Petzl Vector Rescue Cord:

Ropeman 2 Ascender:

Black Diamond Positron Locking Carabiner:

Black Diamond Neutrino Wiregate Carabiner:


Olympia EX550 headlamp (for tracking):

Heimdall LED Headlamp (for navigation):

Havalon Piranta:

HME Utility Belt:

Drag Rope:

Self Filming

Sony FDR-AX100:

Sony HDR-AS100:

Tactacam 4.0:

Rode Videomic Pro:

Micover Windscreen:

Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm (with custom aluminum base):

1″ BoatBuckle:

1″ Polyester Strap:

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