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Apeman Trail Camera Review – H45

Apeman Trail Camera – H45

The Apeman trail camera (H45) is one of the better selling trail cameras on Amazon. It also has a decent average review, especially considering the price of $60 USD. Apeman sent me one of the cameras in addition to their slightly more expensive H68, which I’ll review in another video. In summary, there are a few things I really like. The price is great, daytime images and video are very satisfactory, and the LCD screen/menu is intuitive and easy to use. I wasn’t a fan of the way that images were lit at night, and in order to utilize 3 shot burst photo mode, you need to use 5MP images, instead of the maximum available 12MP. Overall though, it’s a good camera for the price and comes with an adjustable swivel mount. Link to camera:

http://amzn.to/2BtbrLT (Amazon affiliate link)


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