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Styrka S9 Binocular Review 8×42

Styrka S9 8×42 Binoculars

Like a lot of Midwest hunters, for most of my life I’ve used binoculars in what I consider the “good” category, ranging generally in the couple hundred dollar range. I’ve also handled my share of what I’d consider “cheap” binoculars, the Walmart or eBay variety that will make you think you got a great deal but end up regretting it. That being said, once I started taking more trips out West, I started wondering whether or not I could benefit from a pair of higher end binoculars. After all, you can pay thousands of dollars for a single pair, and the age-old rule of thumb is to “buy the best glass you can afford”.

I got the opportunity to try out a pair of great binoculars from Styrka Optics. They sent a pair of their S9’s in 8×42 per request. One of the things that initially steered me in their direction was their no-hype marketing strategy. As someone with a technical background, I appreciate it when a company can be as transparent about their product as possible, without simply throwing a bunch of marketing my way to try and interpret. Like many higher end optics brands, Styrka also had a lifetime warranty. I had a hard time deciding between the 8×42 and the 10×42, but went with the 8 power, and I’m glad I did. In more heavily wooded areas, where I hunt turkeys and whitetails, the 8 power allows me to use them handheld without too much shake. A 10 power would be better served if I did all of my glassing at longer range, with additional stability of a tripod or something to lean against (like a pack, bow cam, or truck window). All in all, I’m extremely happy and impressed with the S9 binoculars from Styrka. Here is a link to the Styrka Website, followed by an Amazon link to the binoculars (Amazon affiliate link). They can also be found at many optics and sporting goods retailers.

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