Hooyman Extendable Saw Review

I received a couple Hooyman extendable saws to review last year. Many of the places I hunt don’t allow you to trim lanes, so I took a little bit of time to get some real use with the saws in order to make a thorough review and give an honest opinion on them. I have to say, I’ve put these things to the test, from trimming lanes (where legal) throughout the winter and spring, to sawing logs for building a bear baiting crib.

The folding saw itself is well built. The handle is plastic, but it never gave me any issues during use. After an entire year the saws still perform as well as the day I got them. The teeth on the blade are somewhere in between what you’d get with a bone saw and a bow saw. It’s going to take a lot of effort to saw through a larger branch or small log (as in the case of the 8-9″ logs I cut for the crib), but branches from 1″ to 4″ are right in the sweet spot. This is the type of saw you would use for branches that are too big for a ratchet shears.

And how about the extension? That’s one of the main selling points, right? Well, yes, and I think the design is great. While certain portions of the saw are plastic, the extension rods are metal. On top of that they have more or less an “I” beam shape. That allows you to cut with a 10′ saw without having any sag or bend in the handle. It’s easier to trim a branch that’s close to you, but you’ll find that to be true regardless if you’re using an extendable saw or a heavy, rigid pole. Believe it or not, one of my favorite ways to trim small branches out in the open was to swat at them with the extended saw. This worked especially well when the weather was cold, and the branches would often snap right off with very little effort.

The 10 foot length would be my recommended saw of choice if you want something you can use year round. I personally find it to be a little too big for carrying on a hunting trip. The 5 foot length; however, is better suited for hunting season, as it fits in most packs. I definitely recommend the saws for their durability and quality.

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