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DIY Bow Holder, Utility Hook

This DIY bow holder really shines in areas where screw in ones are not legal. It is also small and quiet. Most commercially available utility hooks that strap onto the tree lean out from the tree once you put weight on them. This hook uses a cam-locking mechanism to overtighten the paracord which greatly strengthens its position on the tree. This concept was an interesting one for me. In the past, I’ve used the Lone Wolf Utility Hook to hang my bow while hunting from the Assassin platform. The plastic buckle was loud, and I could never seem to get the strap tight enough to the tree to avoid the hook from leaning out under the weight of the bow. I devised a plan to make a bow holder/utility hook that used only paracord to attach to the tree. I even had a 3d model ready to get molded if I wanted to sell them. Then I realized how I could make one dirt cheap with simple parts from the hardware store and get the same result.

When I hunt from a typical hang-on, I use a seat mounted bow holder from Third Hand Archery; however, this hook would still give a convenient place to hang a pack. I will use this as a bow holder, however, when hunting facing the tree in my Lone Wolf Assassin. The same would be true if hunting from a saddle.

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