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DIY Trail Camera Mount – Under $4

An easy, cheap DIY trail camera mount that DOESN’T screw into the tree. This makes it legal everywhere that trail cameras are, and it doesn’t affect valuable timber if that’s where you plan on hanging the cam.

There are a couple benefits of hanging a trail camera up high and pointing it downward: 1) It’s harder for the animal to spot and 2) it’s harder for potential thieves to find. In addition, I like using paracord over the straps that come with the camera for the same reasons. Black horizontal straps stand out a lot in the vertical environment of the woods.

To camouflage the bracket, I used a gray primer, then tan coat. Next I put grass clippings over the bracket and sprayed green. Then I moved the grass clippings around a bit and sprayed brown. Then I finished with a couple layers of clear matte finish to help keep the paint from flaking off from use.

Below is the link to the Cambush Camo DIY screw in and fencepost mount:

And here’s another way to do a screw-in mount from my buddy Shane Simpson:

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