Stick Talons

Stick Talons Product Review

Stick Talons were created by a DIY’er, Bryan Landry, aka cbigbear on various hunting forums. His goal was to take the idea of the Lone Wolf stick quiver, but to make something you didn’t need to take off the stand before hanging it. The “Talons” he came up with attach to the stand with either a thumb screw (as in the case of mine) or a double sided bracket (like shown on my seat post) depending on your stand. Since the market is currently small for these, Bryan is taking orders online, so don’t expect to see them in stores anytime soon. Here is a link to the forum where he released his idea to the public, containing several pictures, questions and answers. Currently a private message through the site is how “cbigbear” prefers to be contacted about order inquiries:

The design and finish is very simple. Though, you could very well argue that a product in this industry doesn’t need to be “pretty”. They hold the sticks rock solid in my testing. They should hold even tighter when I wrap the Talons in Stealth Strips. If you plan on using them to remove sticks while the stand is on your back, I recommend wrapping the side of your stand with paracord to eliminate noise from incidental contact. And practice.

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