Red Lake Walleye

Red Lake Walleye Fishing 12-20-2015

Upper Red Lake walleye fishing can be fantastic for early ice because it freezes so early. It’s divided into an upper and lower portion, and only about half of the upper portion is accessible to most anglers. The other two thirds is part of a Reservation. It gets a large amount of fishing pressure, and […]

collect sinew

How to Collect Sinew from a Deer

Here is a tutorial on how to collect sinew based on a couple requests I received after shooting my first two deer this season. I’ll admit I was a bit new to it myself at first, having only taken up traditional archery recently; however, by my third deer this year I was ready to make […]

Hunting public land

5 Tips for Gun Hunting Public Land

Hopefully you have already pre-scouted your area in the spring, driven past nearby agriculture during the summer, and bow hunted it all fall so that you already have a good idea of where to sit on the opener. If not, don’t worry! Here are 5 helpful things I’ve learned in my years of hunting public […]

wolves attack dog

Wolves Attack Dog wearing GoPro [Video]

Well, the following video sure makes me feel bad for this dog and its owner. It appears that curiosity first brought the two face to face, but when the second wolf arrived, things went south pretty fast. Luckily, the vest that the 4 year old Swedish elkhound was wearing not only held the camera, but […]

october bow hunt

October Bow Hunt – Two Deer Killed! [Video]

Bow hunting footage from last weekend’s metro deer hunt – This hunt takes place every year. The land is city owned, so it’s not your typical public land. In order to hunt, you need to be drawn in a preference point-based lottery, take bowhunter education, and pass a shooting proficiency test. This was my first […]

bear baiting

Bear Baiting 2015 in Minnesota

An update from the 3rd weekend of bear baiting in Minnesota’s No Quota zone, showing baits that have been hit and trail cam photos. A list of what we’ve been using to bait: -5 gallons of cracked corn -5 gallons of trail mix -2 gallons of fruit snacks -1/2 gallon each of chocolate frosting and […]

bow holder

DIY Bow Holder, Utility Hook

This DIY bow holder really shines in areas where screw in ones are not legal. It is also small and quiet. Most commercially available utility hooks that strap onto the tree lean out from the tree once you put weight on them. This hook uses a cam-locking mechanism to overtighten the paracord which greatly strengthens […]

trail camera mount

DIY Trail Camera Mount – Under $4

An easy, cheap DIY trail camera mount that DOESN’T screw into the tree. This makes it legal everywhere that trail cameras are, and it doesn’t affect valuable timber if that’s where you plan on hanging the cam. There are a couple benefits of hanging a trail camera up high and pointing it downward: 1) It’s […]

Garmin GPS property boundaries

Add FREE Boundary Lines to Your Garmin GPS!!!

Here’s a quick and easy tip to add property lines to your GPS. It works great for marking lines on obscure or not well known public access areas, which often change year by year or simply aren’t included on the larger GPS map downloads. In addition, this is a great option for marking boundaries on […]

The Creation of the Website!!

Ever since my Youtube channel started to grow, I thought about potentially making a website and social media pages. I did some MATLAB coding in college, but a whole website seemed daunting. Not to mention, I still would need to figure out the whole domain name thing, and find a place to host my website. […]