DIY Stabilizer

DIY Archery Stabilizer and Side Bar

This DIY archery stabilizer and side bar build will help improve aiming, balance, and shot accuracy. Typical hunting style stabilizers provide noise and vibration reduction, but little else. Field and Stream ran an article showing that longer stabilizers can have a dramatic effect on long range accuracy compared to short stabilizers or no stabilizers at all:

For short range shooting, a long front and side bar could be more hassle to carry around than it’s worth. However, for longer shooting, there are certainly benefits. Making your own can save a tone of money compared to store bought systems which are commonly over $200. For more background information about stabilizer adjustment and fine tuning, see the following article:

Link to the carbon fiber tubing website (with carbon fiber roll wrapped tubes and the aluminum tubing connectors and clevises):

Link to the McMaster-Carr tube end weld nut:

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