Climbing without Sticks

How to Climb a Tree without Climbing Sticks

Mobile hunting requires a lightweight setup – generally an aluminum tree stand and climbing sticks. Many hunters, especially those who have a long walk to each setup, would prefer something lighter. Some have switched to a tree saddle. With a rock climbing harness, hunters can use some saddle techniques for climbing but still hunt with their normal tree stand. I uploaded a video about using just a single climbing stick to climb to any height. This video is a follow-up to that one, as many have asked and commended about using webbing/rope instead of the stick. My goal with this video is to help give info on whether or not this is the right solution for you, or if the traditional climbing sticks are the better option.

Cost of the DIY webbing aider is low. At $0.36/foot, it cost me less than $10 to make it, and I’m able to fully customize the number of rungs and their spacing. Links for my equipment are below:

Mammut Ophir 3 Slide:

Bluewater Olive 11mm Static Rope:
Carabiner: Black Diamond Positron

Tubular Webbing – Climbing Spec:

Lineman’s Belt:
Carabiners: Black Diamond Positron and Neutrino

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