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Nice 10 Point Buck Shot in Northern MN – Self Filmed

It was a November to Remember! After putting in 6 all day hunts over the course of the rut, the biggest deer I had yet seen while hunting walked in. The story of this hunt isn’t nearly complete without the strategy that went into it. The big woods terrain we had been hunting contains gently […]

Massive Sturgeon on the Rainy River! – Several over 50″

Watch until the end to see an anglers rod snap fighting a 66 pound fish! Roughly 25 sturgeon up to 60″ were pulled into our boat over the two day trip. For those thinking of trying this, I HIGHLY recommend a short rod with a long butt, such as the $20 Berkely Big Game rod […]

Huge Pike on a Topwater Frog!

I was doing some fishing up in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness on a bear hunting trip in 2014. I had been catching several smaller pike in the 20inch range, until this one hit about 20 feet from the canoe. I can still picture that big head coming out of the water and engulfing […]

Double Bearded Turkey on Public Land [Video]

In the minutes preceding a massive thunderstorm, I shot my first turkey while bowhunting on public land. The long shot hit the bird below the vitals. However, the large expandable broadhead did enough damage to put the bird down within 100 yards of where it was shot. I edited and uploaded two versions of the […]

Bear Hunting in the Boundary Waters [Video]

Arguably the most scenic area in Minnesota, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is over 1 million acres of land along the Canadian border. Very strict rules apply not only to campers and canoers, but also to hunters. Throughout Minnesota, hunters rely on bait as the go to method for hunting bears. The landscape and […]

Wild Shot Reaction! Hunter’s first Bear

This bear’s reaction to being shot was certainly unexpected! Although Joe was no stranger to deer hunting with a rifle, the bow was a big change for Joe. Wanting him to be successful, Kenny and I helped set up his equipment over the summer, and Kenny put Joe on a good bear bait on opening […]

Two Bears at the Bait! 2012 Bear Hunt

Kenny’s second bear in two consecutive years. Hunting close to his house in Northern Minnesota, Kenny put the work in to establish a bait site in a new area. It paid off big time. Two bears showed up on stand, and there were even more coming in afterwards!

Crappie Fishing Videos

I love ice fishing for crappies. They’re generally pretty easy to catch, provide good action, and excellent table fare. I’ve made a couple videos over the years chasing these little guys through the ice. This first video is a pretty good representation of my general strategy when crappie fishing through the ice. This video was […]

Ice Fishing Whitefish in Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay, WI is known for about three things: 1) Big Smallmouth 2) Big Walleye 3) Whitefish. My dad and I went up there to try ice fishing for the third of those. The rig is a little unique. It’s your standard barrel swivel and leader with a teardrop jig tied on… except you also […]

Elk Hunting Full Gear List Review

This is the full gear list for my 2014 rifle elk hunting trip from October 10th-16th. The temperature ranged from 15°F to 55°F, and we got 8 inches of snow on the 2nd day of the trip. This is enough gear to get you by on a solo trip. I went with two other guys, […]