Wild Shot Reaction! Hunter’s first Bear

This bear’s reaction to being shot was certainly unexpected! Although Joe was no stranger to deer hunting with a rifle, the bow was a big change for Joe. Wanting him to be successful, Kenny and I helped set up his equipment over the summer, and Kenny put Joe on a good bear bait on opening […]

Two Bears at the Bait! 2012 Bear Hunt

Kenny’s second bear in two consecutive years. Hunting close to his house in Northern Minnesota, Kenny put the work in to establish a bait site in a new area. It paid off big time. Two bears showed up on stand, and there were even more coming in afterwards!

Crappie Fishing Videos

I love ice fishing for crappies. They’re generally pretty easy to catch, provide good action, and excellent table fare. I’ve made a couple videos over the years chasing these little guys through the ice. This first video is a pretty good representation of my general strategy when crappie fishing through the ice. This video was […]

Ice Fishing Whitefish in Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay, WI is known for about three things: 1) Big Smallmouth 2) Big Walleye 3) Whitefish. My dad and I went up there to try ice fishing for the third of those. The rig is a little unique. It’s your standard barrel swivel and leader with a teardrop jig tied on… except you also […]

Elk Hunting Full Gear List Review

This is the full gear list for my 2014 rifle elk hunting trip from October 10th-16th. The temperature ranged from 15°F to 55°F, and we got 8 inches of snow on the 2nd day of the trip. This is enough gear to get you by on a solo trip. I went with two other guys, […]

Garmin GPSMAP 62s GPS Review

The video says it all. This GPS has been a highly valued piece of equipment for several years. I don’t plan on upgrading until it dies or I lose it. Based on how it’s held up so far, losing it might be more likely!

Hunting Beast Camera Arm Review

As a prize for the big buck contest in the Hunting Beast Big Buck Contest, I received a Hunting Beast Camera arm courtesy of Dan Infalt and John Kitscha. I used the arm throughout this entire season and was thoroughly impressed. The camera arm I had used prior to this was one made by Lone […]

Editing Landscape Photography Tutorial

One of the biggest challenges with Landscape photography is that the sun creates intense differences between highlights and shadows. By Shooting in RAW, and with a flat image (start with a standard profile and do the following), Contrast -3 Saturation -1 Sharpness -3 You can leverage the information captured in the image to reproduce what […]

How to Film Hunts Video Series

Filming a deer hunt (or turkey or bear or anything) can be hard. Filming yourself on a hunt is even tougher. Often times it’s not necessarily seeing an animal with a camera in the tree that’s the problem, it’s a lack of general comfort and knowledge with the equipment. My goal with these videos is […]

How to Scout Deer on Public Land

Scouting for deer on public land can seem like a daunting task. For many hunters, the idea of scouting is walking on public access trails or deer trails aimlessly until they find deer sign a week before the season, oblivious to the “big picture” of deer patterns or how hunter pressure has been affecting the […]