DIY Safety Harness Improvement | 100% Fall Protection

My tree stand video sparked some good ideas and discussion. One of the most important times to be hooked onto a safety harness is while climbing on and off the platform of the stand. Also, when going around branches on the way up, you need to unattach the lineman’s belt for a couple seconds to go around the branch and reattach. These are areas of concern.

I decided to add a second lineman’s strap to my harness. This way, I am able to ensure that every second of the ascent and decent I am strapped onto the tree safely. I also took care of the one big issue with using two straps… noise. I replaced the carabiners on the harness with 1″ tubular webbing (using a water knot). That way, the carabiner on the harness won’t bang against the carabiner on the end of the opposite lineman’s strap. Plus, it’s much easier to hook onto a big webbing loop in the dark than the tiny carabiners that come stock on the harness.

How to tie the water knot: Water Knot Video

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