Ice fishing basics

Episode 11 – Ice Fishing Basics Podcast

Ice Fishing Basics Podcast

In this Episode, we discuss ice fishing gear from the perspective of someone with a lot of experience fishing the upper MidWest (Garrett) talking to a total newbie (Boudreaux). Topics covered include electronics, rod styles, augers, safety gear, and shelters. Through plenty of trips with various anglers, Garrett has not only tried plenty of gear himself, but has also had the opportunity to observe other equipment in actual use on the hard water.
It should come as no surprise that which equipment a person chooses will vary greatly depending on the species they’re after and the amount of cost they’re willing to sink into it. Much of the information in the podcast is presented in a way as to help someone decide what they would need to first get started with minimum investment, along with what the next steps up would be.
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