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Episode 10 – The Truth about Ozone

The Truth about Ozone

Today’s episode is a special one. We’ve brought on our first guest, Shawn Chadwick, to discuss ozone with. He has a PhD and works as a chemical engineer, so if anyone understands what’s actually going on with ozone scent elimination, it’s him.  In addition, he’s also a hardcore whitetail hunter and understands how we need to address these things in a real world sense. None of us have any affiliation with any scent control products, so what you’ll hear is truly our unbiased thoughts.
Just a fair warning, the beginning of the podcast is pretty technical. We go over the background of ozone, what it is, what’s it’s used for in industries outside of hunting, how it’s used in industries outside of hunting, and the mechanism by which it attacks scent. After that though, we transition into the real meat and potatoes of the podcast, which deals with real world application of ozone for both in-the-tree generators and generators designed to go in totes or closets.
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