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Episode 9 – Ultimate Gear Review 2017

Ultimate Gear Review 2017

In their final podcast of 2017, Garrett and Bobby dive into a full on review of all the new products they tried over the course of the year. Archery equipment is tackled first, from compound and trad bows to arrows, insert systems, and broadheads. Next, the two cover new camping gear for spending days at a time in the backcountry. With Garrett’s transition to hammock camping, he explains some of the major differences in a high end hammock vs. a cheaper entry level hammock, and the differences in quilt sizing for a hammock vs. sleeping on the ground. Mapping and electronics are covered, as are climbing sticks, saddles, and clothing.
Despite trying a bunch of new gear in 2017, the two already have plans for new things that they want to try for the following year. This includes optics, broadheads, camping gear, and other miscellaneous items. As a supplement to this podcast, listeners can check out, where fully itemized gear lists exist for various hunt types.
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