Scent Control

Episode 5 – Scent Control

Scent Control

In this episode of the DIY Sportsman Podcast, Garrett and Boswell discuss scent control… their philosophies, routines, and experiences. Both use a scientific approach to analyzing scent, and understand the challenges with trying to apply laboratory success and marketing claims to real world scenarios with new variables. They discuss the published studies using tracking dogs as well as weather conditions in which tracking dogs have been observed to follow scent more easily. Spoiler Alert! Rain may not be the friend everybody treats it as.

Scent control has a lot to do with confidence. There are hunters who swear by hunting the wind and have success. There are also hunters who swear by a strict regimen and have success. These types of contrasting examples make it even more challenging to get a mental grip on something that we already have such a hard time comprehending. The fact that we can’t smell as well as deer opens the doors wide open for assumptions, marketing campaigns, and arguments. Listen to the podcast in order to learn something new, or possibly reaffirm assumptions you already have.

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