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DIY Fourth Arrow Run and Gun Shoulder Base

I’m a big fan of the Fourth Arrow Camera arm, which I’ve used for over a year now for self filming my hunts. I did a review on the carbon arm here: Fourth Arrow Review Link

Here is a link to the Fourth Arrow camera arm on Amazon (affiliate link):

There were a couple modifications that I made to my original arm. I had swapped the bulky shoulder tightening tool with a simple steel rod, and I swapped the ratchet for an over center buckle (Boatbuckle) on a polyester strap.

Like I said, I never had any issues with the camera arm. I had used both the original carbon arm and the stiff arm. Fourth Arrow decided to come out with a “Run and Gun” shoulder base. The idea behind this was that public land hunters and other mobile guys could have a combination system. The shoulder is flipped upside down relative to how it normally mates with the base. You can flip the base on their standard arm; however, the shoulder is a little too close to the base, and the backpack hook is in the way, so you’d need to cut it off.

I machined custom aluminum plates for my camera arm, and swapped all of the hardware with aluminum hardware from McMaster-Carr. My initial concern would be whether or not the new base would be strong enough. I’ve used it now for several hunts and have no issues using my Sony FDR-AX100. This modification saves over 2 pounds off of the new Run and Gun shoulder base, but it isn’t for everyone due to cost and equipment needed.

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