Milwaukee M18 Fuel with StrikeMaster Lazer 8″

This is my review of the Milwaukee M18 paired with the StrikeMaster Lazer 8 inch hand auger bit. The M18 is the best drill I’ve personally tried, with much greater torque than the cheaper Ryobi drills I’d tried in the past. Compared to the K-Drill system, this auger is significantly cheaper. However, it is also quite a bit heavier. So there are pros and cons. After using my dad’s K-Drill with the Milwaukee M18, I don’t personally have the desire to upgrade to it. It’s a great system, but at this price point I’m very happy with the Lazer performance.

Amazon Link to Drill/5.0Ah (2x) battery kit:
This is an Amazon Affiliate link. I get a small percentage when people use this link to buy from Amazon. Check around for the best price, though. I bought my kit during a Home Depot sale.
Amazon Link to the Lazer 8″ Auger:
Link to the Strikemaster adapter (note: I do think this component is a little undermatched for the setup):

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