firearm hunting strategy

Episode 6 – Firearm Hunting Strategy

Firearm Hunting Strategy

In this episode of the DIY Sportsman Podcast, Garrett and Boswell talk about firearms deer hunting. Garrett grew up hunting the annual 9 day season in Wisconsin which occurs after the rut, and recently started participating in the Minnesota gun season, which is timed during the heat of the rut. Boswell doesn’t do as much gun hunting on his own time anymore, but his job requires him to be a avid marksman as he takes numerous animals for both population reduction and wildlife research, often in semi-urban areas.
Gun hunting strategies can vary widely based on terrain, hunting pressure, and time of year. The two discuss very specific strategies for hunting marshes, hill country terrain, and farmland in both high and low pressure areas. In addition, they discuss calibers, bullet type, and proper shot placement to drop a deer in its tracks every time.
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