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Deer Hunting Clothing Review 2017

This is a thorough review of all of the deer hunting clothing I wore (also used scouting and spring turkey hunting this year). Some of the clothing I’ve been using for several years now. Some of the clothing I had bought new for 2016-2017. Overall, my clothing is a mix of Cabelas brand and First Lite, with the exception of a few garments from Kuiu and Pnuma, or cheap generic accessories from Fleet Farm. Here are links to the main websites for all of the companies I’ve have clothing from:

I don’t have any clothing sponsorships, so I’m not obligated to push any particular brands. In full disclosure, I did buy a couple of my new First Lite garments through their R&D discount program; however, everything else was purchased through normal outlets, usually during sales.

First Lite:
Pnuma Outdoors:
Amazon Affiliate link (if you buy anything from Amazon using this link, I get a small kick-back from the sale):

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