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Episode 2 – Climbing Sticks Podcast

Climbing Sticks – Podcast Discussion

In Episode 2 of the DIY Sportsman Podcast on The Sportsmen’s Nation Podcast Network, Garrett and Boudreaux dive into their vast experience using and testing climbing sticks. They discuss the pros and cons of various models on the market, spanning the range from “top of the line” climbing sticks to cheap steel sticks. In addition they talk about their own personal favorite features, and what they’d like to see from manufacturers in the future. Surprisingly, for two guys with a similar hunting style, they have different preferences for certain features.

The discussion also includes the value and safety considerations of aftermarket modifications such as webbing aiders. Garrett has done multiple YouTube videos on adding aiders to climbing sticks. Essentially, they are a DIY modification that allow you to add additional steps to the bottom of a climbing stick without much additional weight. It can allow you to climb up over 20 feet with just three climbing sticks. Here is a video link to building a dual step aider: DIY Climbing Stick Modification – Webbing Stirrups (video) Here’s a video link showing how to build a single step aider: Climbing Stick Webbing Extensions (video)

Climbing sticks aren’t the only option for getting up into a tree. Certainly, a hunter could use a climbing stand, ladder stand, screw-in spikes, bolts, arborist spurs, or arborist rope climbing techniques. However, sticks often find their way into the arsenals of many mobile hunters on both public and private land for their stealth, speed, and ease of use. Garrett also built his own set of DIY sticks using his CNC Router. They are discussed only briefly in the podcast. For a full video, here is a link: DIY Climbing Sticks – Ultralight (Video)

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