october bow hunt

October Bow Hunt – Two Deer Killed! [Video]

Bow hunting footage from last weekend’s metro deer hunt – This hunt takes place every year. The land is city owned, so it’s not your typical public land. In order to hunt, you need to be drawn in a preference point-based lottery, take bowhunter education, and pass a shooting proficiency test. This was my first year applying, and I was drawn as an alternate. That means I got to fill in for a hunter who was drawn but couldn’t make it.

The hunt is antlerless only for the first 3-day hunt and has been for years. As a result, there are a ton of bucks relative to does. I saw 8 different bucks in the three day hunt. The 2nd hunt is in mid-November, as the rut is winding down. I’ll be hunting public land throughout the heat of the rut, and then be back for the metro hunt before the WI firearms opener. I’m excited to finally have meat in the freezer again! In addition to processing the meat, I tried the heart for the first time. I harvested the leg sinew for arrow-making, saved the shoulder blades for broadhead testing, and cut up some heavy bones for cooking a venison stock.

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