Late Season Bowhunting, Public Land Success [Video]

One of the secrets to hunting late season on public land is not to just find the hot food source… it’s to find where the deer are bedding. In the case of this marsh, the deer were bedded about a mile back from the food source, and about a half mile further back than they bedded during early season. Crunchy snow makes it hard to get close to the beds for an afternoon hunt, so when the deer have a long ways to travel back from food, I like morning sits. With this hunt, I hung my stand in a funnel about 90% of the way back to the beds. Roughly an hour after light, four does came in. Although I wanted to shoot the biggest of the bunch, I got busted. Luckily I was able to salvage the hunt and shoot the first deer that passed by before she ran off.

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