Massive Sturgeon on the Rainy River! – Several over 50″

Watch until the end to see an anglers rod snap fighting a 66 pound fish! Roughly 25 sturgeon up to 60″ were pulled into our boat over the two day trip. For those thinking of trying this, I HIGHLY recommend a short rod with a long butt, such as the $20 Berkely Big Game rod I was using. The other guys using their heavy action bass rods got tired, fast because of the difference in leverage. The system is pretty simple. You use ~65 pound braid tied to a heavy duty barrel swivel. Above the swivel have a sliding 3oz “no-roll” sinker. They are shaped like flat eggs, and ensure your bait stays on bottom. The leader is about 12-24″ of the same 65lb braid, with a 4/0 circle hook and multiple nightcrawlers. Anglers who did the best seemed to be set up in or on the edge of the 40 foot deep channel on an outside bend of the river.

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