Hunting Beast Camera Arm Review

As a prize for the big buck contest in the Hunting Beast Big Buck Contest, I received a Hunting Beast Camera arm courtesy of Dan Infalt and John Kitscha. I used the arm throughout this entire season and was thoroughly impressed. The camera arm I had used prior to this was one made by Lone Wolf. They are in similar price ranges, but the difference in quality is black and white. The Hunting Beast camera arm has a much better pan head, the added versatility of 3 segmented arms, and a greater range of adjustments. I highly recommend this arm to anyone who is in the market for one. I can also vouch that the customer service from TheHuntingBeast website is absolutely second to none. They also have a thriving online forum and loads of information geared towards the do-it-yourself, hardworking style of hunter. Below is a link to the camera arm that I reviewed.

Update: I have made played around with this arm over the past couple years. I put on a Weifeng 717AH fluid head for a while, but eventually I put the pistol grip head back on. Although the Weifeng was much smoother with pans and tilts, its fuild became like molasses in subfreezing weather. In addition, the minimum resistance was quite large, so I often would loosen the thread holding it on while quickly panning to the left. Something like a Manfrotto might fare better, but I find the pistol grip head suitable for my needs.

Hunting Beast Store Link

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